Outdoor Wicker – 4 Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Decorating your outdoor area is like getting a blank canvas. You can do anything you want — with any colors you want. With all of the options out there, what should you do?

Fill it with outdoor wicker!

Here are 4 outdoor wicker design ideas that can work in practically any space:

1. Get an outdoor wicker sectional

Unless you have a tiny balcony, an outdoor wicker sectional will fit nicely in your space. And, since it comes in sections, you can arrange it anyway you want. That way, you’ll have a comfy place to curl up with a glass of wine at the end of a long day, watch the kids play in the pool, or sit and enjoy your morning coffee as the sun comes up.

And, since an outdoor wicker sectional will be made with the same sturdy resin as other outside wicker, you’ll be able to leave it out all year round. In fact, you’ll probably need replacement cushions long before the sectional itself shows any wear and tear!

2. Get a smaller outdoor wicker sofa

Don’t have room for an entire sectional? No problem! An outdoor wicker sofa will give you all of the same comfort and durability — just in a smaller space. You can always get a wicker loveseat and pair it with a couple of wicker chairs so that you can maximum seating space, without taking up a ton of room.

And, just like the sectionals, an outdoor wicker sofa can be paired with any kind of cushions you want. You can get cushions to match your flower beds, or even get different cushions for different seasons!

3. Take advantage of outdoor wicker chairs

Whether you’re trying to outfit your small apartment balcony or your small front porch, outdoor wicker chairs can be a great addition. They come in practically every color you can imagine, so they’ll fit in nicely with any décor. And, they come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find some that fit in your outdoor area — without making it look cramped!

4. Get furniture that looks similar to wicker — but isn’t

Want something a little bit different, but still offers the same perks as wicker? Seagrass furniture might be perfect for you! It offers that same light, airy, woven, look, but it gives you an even bigger “beachy” feel. That’s because seagrass furniture is made out of actual seagrass that’s found at the bottom of the ocean. In addition to looking cool, it’s also completely waterproof — without any kind of special treatment.

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