Options for high risk merchant accounts processing

Certain businesses that are considered legally challenged or always under moral scrutiny including those online gaming, adult oriented businesses, and online pharmacies are considered high risk merchant accounts. Additionally, those businesses that are associated with high transaction cancellations, returns, and chargebacks that are higher than those normal levels associated with other merchants are also categorized as high risk merchant accounts by the industry. They may include jewelry, debt collection and credit repair, multi-level marketing, electronics, online auctions, dating services and many others are also identified as high risk merchant accounts. Fortunately, there are credit card processing services that are willing to work with these businesses whether they categorized as high risk due to the inherent nature of the business or past business practices. If you are in any of these business categories Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. still can help you and are willing to work with you. Whatever the category of business they are in, businesses know that to accept credit cards is a way to increase the business opportunities and increase the bottom line.

Many options are available for these high risk businesses. One option is to work with the existing merchant processor to find ways to reduce the risk associated with the business. Some credit card processing services may require stricter payment requirements such as use of card code verification and address verifications. But it is a way to stay in business and accept credit card payments.

Another option is to work with a merchant services processor such as Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. that accepts high risk merchant accounts. Risks associated with these businesses are higher than for those others considered to be normal businesses and therefore, expect to pay higher than normal fees.
If the fees charged by the domestic high risk merchant account processors are too high for a business, one can look into other alternatives such as international merchant services or an offshore merchant account. Navigate carefully so that you may not trapped into useless and cumbersome services.

Another option is to look into business practices of the high risk and slowly address those issues that causes refusal by merchant services. This may take a longer time to get to a point that will be acceptable to high risk credit card processing providers. Keeping accurate records will provide an immense opportunity to prove business stability.

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