No More Clunky Looking Ceiling Fans

In ancient times, fans were made of large palm leaves which grew on palm trees. These fans were operated by manual labor. The next development was the fans powered by water turbines. Gradually the fan technology evolved over the years and fans powered by electricity came to exist. Today, in developing countries, still the most economical cooling system is a ceiling fan.

With the development of air-conditioning technology, use of ceiling fans gradually declined and the demand fell. As a cost cutting method, the fan manufacturers made changes to design and raw materials they had been using. For instance, blades made of quality material like wood was replaced by cheap plastic.

However, demand for fans didn’t disappear completely because of two reasons. Although the air-conditioning systems are convenient, as a cooling system they are very expensive. When consumers have to decide between cost and the convenience, most of them chose cost. The other reason is, the fan manufacturers turned their industry to full fill a different kind of demand. The makers like Hunter ceiling fans started manufacturing decorative fans for interiors and exteriors. This change was able to overcome one disadvantage that the ceiling fan industry faced in the early days. The consumers were reluctant to install ceiling fans made of clunky pieces of metal and cheap plastic because they clashed with their interior décor.

Today, fans are items that go very well with the décor of any dwelling. The energy saving features in these fans have made them popular among the environmental conscious consumers. Also, the design changes have captured their eye. Instead of boring, traditional white or brown, straight blades, the new fans come in different colors and shapes. In modern fans, the blades look like art work. A wide variety of designs on, give a whole different look for traditional fans. Now, for a cabin in the country consumers have a choice. The rustic ceiling fans which were developed in the mid 1990s solved the problem of clashing with the interior décor of a cabin. The use of these ceiling fans is not limited to the country environment. The consumers who live in the city can use rustic ceiling fans to give a country look to a room.

Another drawback for use of ceiling fans is the noise but the Hunter ceiling fans has solved that problem. As a manufacturer who entered the business with water turbine operated fans, the company now manufactures fans that hum gently.

The technology used in fan industry improved and the manufacturers were able to make more energy efficient cooling systems. The double ceiling fan is a great way to circulate air in a large room. The design element of these fans has changed over the years. If a consumer is looking for an elegant looking double ceiling fan, is the place to shop.

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