Need Stencils? Heres 3 You Cant Live Without

1. Alphabet stencils
Whether you’re doing an art project with the kids, adding some flair to your office, or simply spray painting things out in the parking lot, you’ll need alphabet stencils to do it.

Alphabet stencils come in a big page with every letter of the alphabet on them. That way, you can stencil letters to your heart’s content – and only have to use one stencil to do it.

Alphabet stencils are available in a variety of sizes and fonts. That way, you can easily get letters that will work perfectly on any project – whether your kids are making their own t-shirts, or you need to stencil in the name of your business on a parking spot.

2. A handicap parking stencil

If you own a construction company, manage an apartment complex, or run a shopping center, you will need to have a handicap parking stencil on hand. After all, there are federal regulations that determine the number of handicapped parking spaces that you’re required to have – along with rules that determine where those spots have to be. You will need handicap parking spots that are clearly marked – meaning that you will need a handicap stencil available at all times.

If you figure that each handicapped parking spot only needs to be painted on once, think again. The paint you use on each handicapped parking spot is sitting out in the sun, rain, and snow. Eventually, the paint is going to fade – meaning that you’re going to need a handicap stencil to do some touch-ups. If you let that paint fade too much, you may not be in compliance with the law!

3.Custom made stencils

No matter what kind of art project you’re planning, custom made stencils can make your life a whole lot easier! Custom made stencils can be used for anything – from basic letters and numbers, to complete company logos. In fact, with the right custom made stencils, you can turn any art project into a do-it-yourself project and avoid spending a ton of money on professionals!

Luckily, custom made stencils don’t have to be expensive. All you need is a good stencil retailer that will let you pick what kind of stencils you need – like plastic or metal – along with the size, shape, and font you need. Buying custom made stencils is as easy as answering a few questions!

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