Need a California Tax Attorney? 3 Things to Look Out For

If you have tax problems, the only way to deal with them is with a good tax attorney. And with so many unique state and local taxes – along with a slew of federal taxes – in California, you need to be on the lookout for the very best tax attorney.

Whether you’re searching for a tax attorney in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or anywhere else in between, you need a lawyer that has the following 3 things:

1. Free consultations

The last thing you want is some hot-shot tax attorney in Orange County who thinks that, just because you live in Southern California, you can afford to spend a fortune on legal fees. Instead, a good tax attorney in Los Angeles will understand that not everyone here is an A-list celebrity with an unlimited budget.
That’s why the good tax attorneys will offer free consultations. During one, you can spend some time getting your questions answered and figuring out if this attorney’s personality matches your own – without worrying that you’re going to have to pay some giant bill later.

2. The right credentials

Having the right background is an absolute must for any tax lawyer- from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Of course, you need a tax attorney who actually graduated from law school and got his JD! But aside from that, you also need a tax attorney with some “extras”. For example, a tax attorney who’s also a CPA means that he has some unique financial knowledge – separate from his work as a tax lawyer. Or, any other advanced degrees will show that your potential tax attorney is well-rounded – which can give him some extra perspective and expertise to bring to your case.
You can always take a look at a tax attorney’s credentials online. However, when you sit down for your free consultation, be sure to ask about any other expertise that he has, that could help your case.

3. Good referrals

A successful tax attorney in Orange County will know other successful businesspeople in Orange County, so it shouldn’t be tough to find a lawyer who comes highly-recommended. Or, a good tax lawyer in San Francisco will have professional relationships with all sorts of people around the area. No matter which part of California you live in, talk to your bank, other entrepreneurs that you know, or even to your accountant – and ask who they trust. Chances are they will all be able to recommend a good tax attorney in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or anywhere else!

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