Mobile Credit Card Processing – Two Options You’ve Got to Give Your Customers

When you run a small business, you’re not just competing with other small businesses. You’re also competing with the “big boys” – which means you’ve got to offer big time conveniences, like credit card processing.
So, how do you find a small business credit card processing company that treats you fairly and gets the job done right?
The key is to look for merchant accounts that offer these 3 perks:

1. Online payment processing
If you’re like most small businesses, you’re no longer content to just settle for customers right in your own neighborhood. Instead, you want to give your small business a global presence – by taking full advantage of the world wide web.
But to do that, you need online payment processing that isn’t a pain in the you-know-where!
After all, online shoppers are an impatient bunch. When they see something they want to buy, they want to enter in the necessary information, and call it a day. They don’t want to have to type in a bunch of information that they think is unnecessary (mother’s maiden name? Who needs it?!). They also don’t want to enter their credit card information into a website that looks sketchy.
A good internet merchant account understands this – which is why it will go above and beyond to make things as comfortable and convenient as possible for your customers.
Plus, a good internet merchant account will have technical support experts standing by 24/7 to make sure that your payment processor is always up and running like it’s supposed to be. That way, your small business can get big-time service!

2. Merchant accounts that actually fit your needs
If you feel like a round peg that’s being shoved into a square hole, you can do better! That’s because the good merchant accounts will do everything possible to meet your needs – not vice versa.
Just because you’re looking for small business credit card processing (and not service for a Fortune 500 company) doesn’t mean you have to cut corners or settle. A good processing company will give you customized service from start to finish.

3. Affordable rates
No business can afford to spend an arm and a leg on credit card processing fees – but this especially applies to small businesses! When you run a small business, every single cent matters. Good merchant accounts recognize this, which is why they’ll do everything possible to keep your bottom line as healthy as possible.
Do some comparison shopping. If it seems like your small business credit card processing fees are going to cost you too much, keep looking!

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