Live in Chicago? It’s Time to Ask Yourself These 4 Remodeling Questions

The best way to keep your Chicago home looking its best is to ask yourself these 4 questions.

Odds are you live in one of Chicago’s older houses. If you want to make it look its very best, ask yourself these 4 remodeling questions:

1. “How does my siding look?”
Siding repair in Chicago is a popular project for two reasons. First, no one wants ugly siding. After all, if your siding looks run down, it’s going to make your entire house look run down!
Second, and more importantly, your siding is responsible for keeping the elements out of the inside of your home. So, when it’s snowing and below zero outside — and you’re warm and cozy inside — you owe it to your siding. If you start to notice your energy bills going up (even if you’re keeping your home at the same temperature), get a professional to determine if you need a siding repair in Chicago.

2. “Should I build a porch?”
Chicago’s crisp autumn nights and sunny summer afternoons were meant to be enjoyed — not admired from behind your window or sliding glass door! By hiring porch builders in Chicago, you can barbecue with your friends or curl up with a glass of wine in the evenings. Either way, it gives you a chance to get outside!
Just remember, the porch builders in Chicago that you hire have to be good. Not only will they be responsible for making your porch blend in perfectly with the rest of your décor, but they’ll also be responsible for following every single city code!

3. “Is it time for a bathroom makeover?”
Want to know why bathroom remodeling is so popular in Chicago? Because there are so many older houses here! All of the older houses equal older bathrooms, and no one wants to feel like they’ve traveled back in time while they get dressed for work in the morning.
Even if you keep that charming historic look in the rest of your house, a bathroom remodeling in Chicago can give you the luxury you’ve been craving. And, when it comes time to sell your home, it will help you fetch more money!

4. “Why should I care about tuckpointing?”
Because it affects the safety of your entire home! In Chicago, tuckpointing is a common need, thanks to our wacky weather. All of those crazy temperatures and wild conditions lead to cracks and holes in the mortar of your bricks.
By hiring the right Chicago tuckpointing team, you can prevent dangerous mold from forming. You can even prevent your home from becoming structurally un-sound!

The team at Chicago Remodeling Solutions offers just that — ideas to make your home as great as it can be! Visit them today at

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