Is Your Business Considered High-Risk by Online Merchant Services?

Guest post Provided by Payment Solutions, Inc. is a company that provides low cost and flexible options for small businesses to employ online payment processing<. Visit the website for more information. High-Risk Merchant accounts need specific merchant services to meet their unique needs. High risk merchant accounts include debt services, MLMs, and home-based companies. Exactly how you approach utilizing credit cards as a high-risk company is critical to your success. ECommerce sales in the United States have seen a 400% rise over the last 10 years from $72 billion in 2002 to $289 billion in 2012, according to One thing is clear: eCommerce via the online payment gateway is something that will radically shape the future. Consumers are likely to want to use their credit cards with you even if you have what is considered a high-risk account to credit card processing companies. If you don’t choose a company that tailors their programs to high-risk needs, you might be in for trouble. Having the liberty of being outside a contract, with no application costs, 24/7 customer assistance and a cost-free web buying cart are features that few credit card processors provide to high-risk accounts. They offer you a head start, as versatility and cost-reduction are essential to start-up success. That's why if you're a high-risk merchant, it's very crucial to use a credible merchant account company to make sure your image continues to be in high regard. Exactly what qualifies your need to have a high-risk business account depends on a variety of factors. If you exhibit any of the following characteristics of a high-risk account, prepare to shop around for online payment processing services that cater to your specific needs. You would be considered high-risk if your personal credit or business finances would not have the ability to support the sales amount that you are requesting in the worst-case circumstance. Also, the bank may feel it has invested too many resources on you based on past history. Longer charge-back liability periods are also something to consider. If you are involved in a market that might affect the credibility of the merchant account company to more conservative business (such as casinos and the adult industry) you will probably need a high-risk account. Lastly, having a terminated merchant file (TMF), or MATCH list, caused by misuse of term contracts is a direct road to the high-risk status. Examples of high-risk merchant accounts are enterprises involved in adult productions, MLMs, home-based companies, gambling, telemarketing, and debt services. If your business enterprise does accept credit cards and you may be a high risk merchant, you have to locate a credit card handling company that tailors specific plans for high-risk credit card processing. You require a firm that has the most effective terms and fees that they could provide for your business enterprise.

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