How your business can benefit from the rapid expansion of mobile devices?

Mobile technology is expanding at an unbelievable rate. Use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices worldwide are at an all-time high and doesn’t seem to slowdown any time soon. This provides an enormous business opportunity for small as well as big businesses to increase sales opportunities. Accepting mobile credit card processing will increase sales and the bottom line for your business. If your Web site is not set up to accept Internet credit card processing and to accept debit cards online, you could possibly lose 60 to 80 percent potential sales.

Use of mobile devices is at all-time high

Just within the last year, sales of smartphones grew more than 50 percent and in the United States more than half of sales involved with smartphones. Tablets with a larger screen than a smartphone, provides more business opportunities for small and big businesses. Smartphones are not just for phone calls any more. They provide customers with shopping opportunities anywhere, any time and a great tool for comparison shopping. So, small businesses to large businesses should arm themselves with these devices to capture business opportunities. Another alternative is to allow employee owned personal smart devices for business use and subsidize their monthly service fees. This could cut down the capital outlay but raises security concerns especially for Internet credit card processing for the business. Depending on your business, consider offering other methods of payments in addition to online payment processing.


Security comes from many aspects. As we all know, smart devices are targets for thefts. On the other hand protecting critical business data including sensitive customer data from hackers is a major concern. If you are in a business regulated by the authorities, you are bound to abide by certain rules and regulations. Therefore, businesses should implement multi-level security measures for using mobile devices and setting up online merchant accounts. These could include use of a PIN by both customers and employees, access control, training including identification of suspicious activities, and other measures. When you are choosing a provider for online payment processing, select a provider that pay attention to security in establishing your online merchant accounts and payment gateway.

At, Payment Solutions, Inc. customer as well as business security and protection is an utmost concern.

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