How to Efficiently Use a Portable Ac

A portable room air conditioner is a great way to cool your room during the hot summer months. This is an especially good solution for persons who are in temporary housing where you cannot install a split air conditioner and is great to use in offices where certain areas like computer server rooms need to be kept cool.

But many people find this not to be effective and the problem with that is that they are not aware of how to use it properly. Here is how you can get the maximum benefit from a portable air conditioner.

Use it to cool a small room
Unlike a split type air conditioner, these units only have a low cooling capacity. For example a split type air conditioner you use in a living room area will be around 12,000 BTU while a portable one will have 5000BTU. So if you expect a portable ac to keep the living room as cool as a 12,000 BTU air conditioner you are expecting too much from it.

Instead it should be used to cool a bed room, and provided it is properly installed it will give you good results.
Proper installation

One of the most important functions of an air conditioner is to expel the heated air it has removed from the room to keep the room cool. Many people do not do this because they are not aware of how a portable ac works. If the ac is not vented properly and the hot air is circulated back in the room it is likely that the room will become hotter and it is not the fault of the portable AC.

In order for the unit to cool the room the pipe has to be vented to the outside.

Empty the drip trays
An older portable room air conditioner will have a drip tray to collect the water resulting from dehumidification which takes place when it is cooling the room. While a window air conditioner will drip the condensation outside, a portable one will discharges it to a drip tray and when full the unit will automatically stop until the tray is emptied.

But newer portable AC units available at do not have this and have a different method of discharging condensation resulting from dehumidification.

If used in the proper manner you can get good results with the portable air conditioning unit and there is a wide range of them for you select from at .

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