How to Choose Glass Pool Fencing That is Right for You

It used to be that fences for pools were safety equipment, installed around a pool to protect children and pets from drowning. Today, pool fences have become design elements specifically selected to enhance a home’s outdoor living area without taking away from the natural surroundings.

Besides its safety value, a stylish fence can let you enjoy your surroundings and raise your property’s value.

But how do you select a pool fence that will best suit your safety needs and enhance the beauty of your pool? The solution is glass pool fencing.

Glass pool fencing in Sydney and other countries is growing in popularity. When it comes to selecting the right glass pool fencing for your home, it’s a matter of safety, durability, and aesthetic beauty, and homeowners have many options to choose from. To help you find the product that is right for you, here’s a list of the various types of glass pool fencing on the market.

Frameless Glass Fencing: A frameless glass pool fence is extremely strong and completely invisible, offering the ideal safety enclosure without taking away from the appearance of your pool and garden. Frameless fencing can be installed on slopping sites, mounted on decks, or core-drilled into concrete or paving. Water and debris flows under the glass, reducing the collection of dirt and grime.

Semi Frameless Glass Fencing: Semi frameless glass fencing is ideal for harsh environments and maintains its appearance for many years. This type of fencing comes with either anodized satin silver posts or powder coated posts. Silver posts allow homeowners to enjoy a stainless steel look without the maintenance required with stainless steel fences. The powder coated, semi-frameless glass fence offers several matt finishes, designed for aesthetic value.

Balustrades: Along with the fence, you can also incorporate decorative railing or frameless glass balustrades. These railings provide an elegant and see-through effect without compromising on safety and security. Add frameless glass balustrades to your pool fencing to add that additional pieces of style and functionality.

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