How Glass Fencing Can Liven Up Your Vacation Home

Are you planning to build your dream vacation home in the wine country? Is it surrounded by the view of the endless vineyards and the surrounding mountain ranges? Then you need to build a house to get the view from every room in the house. How can this be achieved? The use of glass can work wonders for you. From glass walls to frameless glass balustrades an open environment that blends in with nature outside can be created by using glass.

Need to fence your property from the adjoining bush land or vineyard? Constructing a full wooden fence will hinder your view so why not consider using semi frameless glass fencing using thick glass? This will not obstruct your view and at the same time restricting access to your property. After all, the idea of coming to the wine country is to enjoy every sight and feel of it and not to obscure it.

Let the sunlight stream into the house by using frameless fencing in your balcony. The absence of any large frames means little or no obstruction to the view of the endless vista of the vineyards beyond making you feel like you are in the middle of it.
Frameless glass balustrades are another choice to open up your home. Use it on the patio which is surrounded by trees to look over the tree tops to allow you to enjoy being one with nature. The transparency of glass balustrades used on the staircase and internal spaces allow light to flow through the house without creating any obstructions to the view across. Wooden or stainless steel hand railings can be fixed to glass balustrades to give a sleek modern look.

If you are looking to fence the swimming pool consider using frameless glass fencing which will keep kids and pets from accidentally wondering in to the pool without compromising the view. If you need privacy for the pool or Jacuzzi, has a choice of frosted or painted glass to select from. The danger of kids scaling the fence and going to the pool unknown to others is eliminated by using frameless glass fencing as it cannot be climbed on. Keep in mind that fatal accidents can happen in and around the pool and especially with children under the age of fourteen.
Glass fencing will ensure that you get a view of the pool from the house so that you can always keep an eye on the kids when they are around the pool. Frameless or semi frameless glass fencing is available at

A well designed house with the right choice of material used will give you the vacation home you dreamed of. So make the right choice and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

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