How Choosing Artificial Grass Frees Up Your City Budget

Guest post is provided by CCGrass Landscapes, a worldwide artificial grass manufacturer for artificial grass in residential areas. Visit their website to obtain information on where to buy artificial grass.
City officials know what it’s like to work on a budget. With this testy economy in the last decade, budget cuts are a commonality. City planners are doing everything they can to free up their budget as much as they can by cutting back on costs. An expensive part of a city’s budget is landscaping their public properties. The city manages the landscaping of everything from roadway medians to entire parks. The cost of watering and re-sodding natural grass can cost thousands of dollars. The grass is so durable, that an artificial grass manufacturer is willing to offer up to 10 year warranties on their products, giving you the confidence that you are investing your money’s worth.
The most obvious benefit for switching over is the reduction in maintenance cost. Although the installation of synthetic versus natural grass is higher, the upkeep is thousands and thousands of dollars lower. This is due to the fact that watering, fertilizing, mowing and re-sodding costs are high, particularly in dry climates. The cost of labor to maintain landscaping is also a factor. If you contrast the maintenance prices in between synthetic and organic yard, organic is 5 times pricier to preserve. In order to keep a green lawn in a hot climate all year round for a low price, investing in artificial grass is a must. Artificial turf prices outweigh the cost of upkeep for organic grass.
Another way using artificial grass can save the city money is by reducing the chance of lawsuits due to injury. Kids commonly fall in public park playgrounds, giving people a higher chance of suing the city for medical expenses. Synthetic turf infills are cleverly designed with recycled, non-toxic substances that absorb the energy of falls. The soft texture of the fibers also reduces the chance of scrapes and other abrasions of the skin. These infills also possess anti-microbial technology that decreases health risks. The durability of the grass prevents slipping and tearing on sports fields.
One may wonder why one would choose artificial over natural grass, since the common belief held may be that artificial grass looks cheap. However, you wouldn’t purchase putting greens for a park designed to give a certain look. Artificial grass in residential and public areas can look and feel like the real thing. Depending on what kind of grass you purchase, the grass can feel and look as natural as organic grass. So this way you get all the benefits of natural grass without the cost of upkeep. Synthetics can be used in hard to reach places like road dividers and roofs without the need to develop an expensive sprinkler system to reach them.

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