How Can Frameless Glass Pool Fences Work for You?

Summary: Not sure if frameless fencing is right for you? Read on!

If you’re thinking of putting some kind of fence around your pool — but aren’t exactly sure which kind is the best — take a long look at frameless glass pool fences. They can benefit you in 4 big ways:

1. They’ll make sure you comply with any local laws
In some places, having a pool fence isn’t an option. For example, if you live in Sydney and your house was built after 1990, you are required to have some kind of pool fence. While there are certain guidelines about what makes a specific fence acceptable under the law, you can rest easy know that frameless glass pool fences are allowed.
Even if you’re not legally-bound to surround your pool with a fence, frameless fencing can still give you peace of mind that your kids and pets will be totally safe when they’re playing outside!

2. They’ll be able to survive the elements
If installing a bunch of glass around your patio seems like a bad idea, don’t worry. The glass used in frameless fencing is specially-designed to withstand high winds and flying debris. That way, you won’t have to panic every time a strong thunderstorm passes through.
In fact, you can count on frameless glass pool fences to be just as sturdy as their more visible counterparts.

3. They’ll give you an unspoiled view
If that awesome view of the nearby canyon was a big reason you settled on buying your particular house, you may be heartbroken at the thought of installing a pool fence — knowing that it’s going to stand between you and that magnificent view.
Luckily, though, frameless glass pool fences are as invisible as it gets!
That’s because frameless fencing connects to the ground with teeny-tiny anchors — instead of great big posts. As long as you can keep the water spots away, your glass pool fence won’t do anything to spoil your view!

4. They can be more dramatic that you ever realized
If you want a completely unique pool area, consider opting for glass pool walls. These walls are made out of the same study glass that the fences are, so you can count on them to last for the long haul. In the end, you’ll wind up with a pool that looks a whole lot more open and lets a ton of natural light in. Glass pool walls can be the perfect way to set your outdoor area apart!

You can buy sturdy frameless glass pool fences from the team at Dimension 1 Glass.

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