Here is why you should consider mobile credit card processing for your business

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and increasing numbers at an unbelievable expansion rate. Whether it is an iPhone, Android operation smartphone, an iPad or any other type of tablet, it provides you with enormous capabilities to make your life and business little bit easier. If you are a small business owner trying to make it to the big business world, a smartphone can provide you with added capability to process transactions anywhere, any time. Today, not many people are carrying cash with them and smartphones and tablets provides small and big businesses to accept credit and debit cards anywhere any time so that you can complete a transaction without any inconvenience to your customer. Here are few reasons why every business owner should consider adding mobile credit card processing.

1. Convenience
Whose convenience? Here we are talking yours and your customer as well. Most of us carry our phone with us 24/7 and established credit card merchant account. With a smaller attachment that you can carry in your wallet or in your pocket, you can turn your smartphone into a universal payment accepting point anytime, anywhere 24/7. You can e-mail receipts to your customers e-mail account and with the assistance from a smaller attachment, you can even print out a receipt. This is a convenience that you and your customer both can enjoy. Since we all accept credit cards online, this will be another convenience for your customers.

2. Minimal capital cost

Many of us already own a smartphone or a tablet. Smaller card readers that you can carry in your pocket cost very few dollars. Even if you want to buy a device to print a receipt, it does not cost your business that much. Monthly payment you pay for your credit card merchant account or to accept credit cards online should cover the cost of adding a mobile credit card processing unit such as a smartphone or a tablet.

3.Increased sales

If you are selling products at trade shows, craft fairs, sporting events or you do business on the go, adding mobile credit card processing could increase your sales. Talk to your credit card merchant account holder to see how to add mobile processing.

Adding credit cards acceptance on the go is easy when you sign up for an account at

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