Heated flooring is the best way to warm up your home

Waking up to warm floors under your feet is not a luxury enjoyed by the wealthy people anymore; you can have floor heating installed by EZ Floor Heat in your house without it costing you a fortune and save on your energy bills as well.
Are you building a new house and trying to decide what type of heating to use? You will be faced with choosing from forced air heating which is the most commonly used heating system, radiant floor heating also called heated flooring and solar heating among several other options available. Many people consider floor heating to be a luxury that is not affordable. But everyone can enjoy the comfort of warm floors under your feet with affordable heating systems from EZ Floor Heat.
If the feeling of warm floors under your feet on a cold morning and being able to sit on the floor and watch your favorite movie while it is snowing outside is not reason enough to have floor heating here are some reasons why you should choose to install a floor heating system in your house.
Electric floor heating involves lying electric wires under the flooring to heat the floor. A floor heating system can be installed under any type of flooring including tiled floors, laminate and natural flooring.
What are the advantages you get over other types of heating?
Less wastage of energy
Unlike in forced air heating there are no ducts that can get obstructed or damaged which can cause warm air travelling through it to leak thereby requiring more energy to maintain the required temperature in the room.
Less maintenance
There are no duct systems or vents that need to be cleaned from time to time to get maximum energy efficiency.
Even distribution of heat
Heated flooring makes the floors warmer and the warm air travels upwards evenly throughout the room thereby making the area within body height warmer. This added to the fact that the feet are always warm means that we feel more comfortable whereas in ducted heating the warm air is blown downwards from the ceiling which requires more energy to achieve the same level of comfort.
Better for health
There is no blowing of air in to the room with a floor heating system which causes dust, pet dander and other allergens in the room to circulate which can cause allergic reactions in asthma patients. The floors always being warm will prevent the breeding of any dust mites and mold as well.

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