Heated Flooring – Here’s What You Need to Know About It

How much do you hate bundling up to sit around your own house?

How high do you turn your heater up when a cold snap hits?
You can get rid of both of these inconveniences with a good heated flooring system! If you’re not exactly sure what one of these systems can do for you, there are 4 things you need to know:

1. Heated flooring can save you a ton of money on your energy bills

With the cost of energy constantly on the rise, all homeowners are looking for ways to slim down their utility bills. But when it’s freezing outside and you’ve got the heater cranked up, you can’t help but use a ton of energy!
Luckily, a good tile heating system can help!

When you have warm floors, the hot air will rise – and heat up the rest of the room. You won’t be able to shut off your heater entirely, but you’ll be able to turn it way down. As a result, you’ll see your energy bills start to plummet right away.

2. The best floor heat systems use cables, not water

Some heated flooring systems use special tubes of water to generate warmth. However, when you use those systems, you’re using double the energy you have to use. First, you have to heat the water. Then, you have to send it rushing through the tubes. Why pay for double the electricity if you don’t have to?

A floor heat system that uses cables is far more efficient. All you have to do is heat the cables, which, in turn, heat your floors. And, as an added benefit, the cables will heat up faster than the water – meaning you’ll save even more energy!

3. A good heated flooring system can be used just about anywhere

Sure, it’s commonly called “tile heating”, but you can get warm floors under all kinds of flooring – like marble, granite, laminate, or hardwood. You can even use a good floor heat system in your tile shower, so that you don’t have to turn the water on so hot! No matter what kind of floors you have in your home, a good heated flooring system can keep them warm and cozy.

4. Heated flooring is completely safe

It might sound a little crazy to hear that you’ve got a network of electric cables running underneath your floors, but these systems are built with your safety in mind. You’ll never have to deal with any kind of shock or other issues. You’ll simply have comfortable warm floors!

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