Good Wicker and Rattan Furniture Retailers – 4 Things They Should Offer You

When it comes to buying wicker and rattan furniture, you have to be careful. Some retailers will charge you an arm and a leg – but won’t have the ability to “walk the walk” after they’ve “talked the talk”. If you’re dealing with a good wicker and rattan furniture retailer, you can expect to be able to take advantage of these 4 things:

1. A wide variety of replacement cushions

If your wicker and rattan furniture is made well, it will last far longer than the actual sofa, chair, or bar stool cushions will! However, you can’t exactly curl up on either wicker or rattan furniture without cushions, so

what do you do?

If you’re dealing with a good wicker and rattan furniture retailer, you’ll have a huge variety of replacement cushions to choose from. That way, whether your cushions wear out, or you simply want a new look, it will be easy to find new cushions that match your style.

2. Outdoor wicker furniture

If you think that wicker is too fragile to sit out on your patio or front porch, think again! Outdoor wicker furniture is specially-designed to withstand the sun, wind, rain, and snow that invade your home on a daily basis.

How is that possible?

Outdoor wicker furniture isn’t made from 100% wicker. Yes, there is real wicker involved in the mix, but there’s also a few other ingredients – most notably, resin. When manufacturers mix resin with wicker, it makes the wicker waterproof. Plus, the resin is strong enough to retain its color, even after it spends years sitting out in the bright sunshine.

3. Complete rattan dining sets

Wicker and rattan furniture isn’t just something that you put on your patio or in your sunroom. Plenty of people have entire houses full of the stuff! If you want to be one of them, you’ll need a good selection of rattan dining sets. The good retailers will have plenty to choose from – whether you need seating for 4 or 14!

4. A bunch of different colors

Whether you’re buying outdoor wicker furniture or a wicker sofa to put in your living room, a good retailer will have plenty of colors to choose from. Wicker that has resin added to it can be manufactured in just about any color you can imagine, while traditional wicker comes in several light and dark shades.

Rattan furniture doesn’t come with as many color choices. However, you can get it in several different neutral colors – like white, sandy brown, or chocolate brown.

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