Glass Swimming Pool Fencing – 3 Ways to Make Your Pool Look Great

If you live in Sydney, having some type of pool fencing is required by law. Since most homeowners don’t want to spoil the look of their outdoor areas, they opt for glass swimming pool fencing. That way, they have all of the protection they need – while still having a pool area that looks great!

When you go to buy glass swimming pool fencing, you’ll be able to choose from these 3 common types:

1. Frameless glass pool fencing

If you love your pool area – and don’t want to spoil the view in any way, shape, or form – then frameless glass pool fencing is perfect for you. These fences are practically invisible. The only thing you might see is the metal anchors that connect the frameless glass pool fencing to the ground. Other than that, it’s no different than looking out a window!

Even though it’s frameless, this glass swimming pool fencing is tough enough to withstand virtually anything that Mother Nature throws at it. The anchors that connect it to your deck – also called “spigots” – are made out of aluminum, nickel, or stainless steel, so you can count on them to be secure.

2. Frameless glass balustrades

This option takes frameless glass pool fencing and takes it one step further. Instead of being anchored in the ground, frameless glass balustrades attach to the side of your walls. That way, there’s not even a small anchor to distract your view away from the pool!

Frameless glass balustrades are as invisible as you can get when it comes to glass swimming pool fencing.

Luckily, though, they’re just as durable as other options. This type of pool fencing is designed to withstand high winds, and the balustrades themselves are even specially-coated to withstand salt corrosion!

3. Semi frameless glass fencing

If you don’t want to go completely frameless – but still don’t want to spoil your view – semi frameless glass fencing is a great alternative. These fences come with the same sturdy glass as their frameless counterparts, but they’re anchored into the ground with thin poles, instead of anchors or balustrades. The poles in this type of glass swimming pool fencing are specially-coated to withstand heat, humidity, and corrosion.

As an added benefit, semi frameless glass fencing can be used on decks that have already been tiled. That way, you don’t have to worry about ripping up your patio to install it!

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