Glass Swimming Pool Fencing — 3 Options to Keep Your Pool Safer

Thanks to glass swimming pool fencing, your pool area can stay safe and look great!

As relaxing as your pool area may be, all of that fun does you no good if it’s not a safe place to hang out.
So, how do you keep everyone safe, without putting up a tacky fence that spoils the look you’ve worked so hard to create?
Easy! Just install glass swimming pool fencing!
These 3 options provide the perfect blend of safety and good looks:

1. Frameless glass pool fencing
If you think that a pool fence has to involve big thick posts, think again. Frameless glass pool fencing is hard to notice because it uses tiny metal anchors to attach to the ground. Thanks to its unique design, frameless glass pool fencing is sturdy enough to withstand winds and heavy rain, all while being connected only with those small anchors.
And speaking of those anchors, they’re specially-designed not to rust or corrode in any way. So, they’ll always be as shiny and attractive as the day you bought them!

2. Glass balustrade fencing
If you’re looking for something that’s virtually invisible, opt for glass balustrade fencing.
What makes it different from the frameless stuff?
Instead of anchoring into the ground, glass balustrade fencing attaches to your walls through special connectors called “balustrades”. As a result, there really IS nothing standing in between you and your view – except glass!
As an added benefit, glass balustrade fencing is the best option for people who can’t (or don’t want to) drill into their existing pool decks. For example, if you have a brick or ceramic tile deck, anchoring even the tiniest of posts into it may simply not be an option. In that case, you’d have no choice but to secure everything with balustrades.

3. Semi-frameless glass fencing
As great as the frameless and balustrade options are, you’re going to have to pay a little bit more if you want to take advantage of the completely unspoiled views that they offer.
So, what can you do to keep your view intact, without blowing your budget to smithereens?
Get semi-frameless glass swimming pool fencing!
It uses posts that are slightly bigger than the anchors on the frameless option. However, they’re still small enough that you won’t have to worry about giant posts and frames getting in between you and nature.
And, just like the frameless anchors, the posts on semi-frameless glass swimming pool fencing are specially-designed not to rust or corrode while they sit out in the elements. That way, you’ll never have to worry about your pool fence becoming an eyesore. Instead, it can provide the safety and security you need – without ever getting in the way of your own personal style!

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