Glass Swimming Pool Fences — 3 Things You Need to Know

Glass swimming pool fences come with a number of benefits. But if you’re still not sure whether they’re right for you, read on. You’ll be interested to learn that:

1. They’re sturdy

When you think of protecting your pool area, you might think that glass is the worst material to use. After all, won’t it shatter and become an entirely new danger?


As long as you get them from a reliable manufacturer, glass swimming pool fences are incredibly sturdy. In fact, they are specifically designed to withstand virtually anything that you and Mother Nature throw at them. You don’t have to worry about them shattering during a pool party or during a strong thunderstorm. You don’t have to remind your guests to be careful around them. You don’t constantly have to worry that they’re going to break.

2. They come with options

There are several different types of glass swimming pool fences to choose from. That way, it’s easy to find one that meets your needs and fits nicely into your budget.

If you’re not worried about price — and, instead, are solely focused on getting a fence that won’t spoil your d├ęcor — opt for frameless glass pool fences. They tend to be the most expensive glass swimming pool fences, but with good reason. Like their name suggests, frameless glass pool fences do not have large posts securing them to the ground. Instead, they use tiny anchor or even wall-mounts to stay in place. As long as you keep water spots off the glass, they’re as invisible as you can get!

If you’re looking to save some of your pennies, opt for semi frameless glass fencing. With it, you’ll get most of the benefits of the frameless variety — but with a lower price tag. Semi frameless glass fencing is anchored to the ground with small, thin posts. With it, you won’t have to worry about giant posts blocking your view.

3. They can give you privacy

Looking for an attractive way to make your pool area more secluded? Frosted glass swimming pool fences are the answer! By frosting the glass, you get complete privacy — but without the harshness of actually building a wall or putting up an ugly fence.

And, as an added benefit, frosted glass swimming pool fences can be anchored right to your deck, so they can be as long or as short as you need them to be. That way, you can block the areas you want — without blocking out everything.

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