Gelato Supplies – 2 Things You Need to Have to Get Up and Running

If you’re planning on opening up a gelato store, you’ll have to have more than just a bunch of “sweet dreams”. Selling gelato may seem easy enough, but finding the right gelato supplies can have a major impact on your business. Opt for the wrong ones, and you could wind up with unhappy customers!

So, which gelato supplies do you need to have on hand before you can get your store up and running? Before you buy anything else, you need these 2 things:

1. Gelato spoons

It would be just plain wrong to taunt your customers with bins of delicious gelato and then not have any spoons for them to eat it with!

Why do you need gelato spoons? Why aren’t traditional ice cream spoons good enough?

Since gelato is thicker and denser than traditional ice cream, you will need stronger spoons that are up to the challenge. Good gelato spoons are made out of heavy duty plastic. Typically, traditional ice cream spoons aren’t as tough – and the last thing you want is for your customers to have their spoons snap in half when they scoop up your thick and creamy gelato!

As an added benefit, you can use your gelato spoons to help build your store’s brand. With spoons available in virtually every color, it will be easy for you to find gelato spoons that match your company’s logo. That way, people will be able to remember you – even as they’re feasting on dessert!

2. Frozen yogurt cups

They might seem basic enough, but don’t ever ignore the importance of good frozen yogurt cups. After all, your customers will be holding and staring at them – so you need frozen yogurt cups that do more than just hold your product!

First and foremost, you need frozen yogurt cups that are big enough that people feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. No matter how delicious your gelato is, people won’t come back if they think that the amount they get in a small, medium, or large cup doesn’t justify the price.

Second, you need frozen yogurt cups that offer custom printing options. That way, you can have your company’s logo, address, phone number, or website printed right on the cup – meaning that your customers can take your corporate brand anywhere!

Bottom line – gelato supplies may seem basic, but if you buy the wrong ones, you may not be in business for very long!

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