Gelato Cups and Spoons — What They Say About Your Business

Whether it’s a hot afternoon, a sweet treat at the end of a fun evening with your better half, or an indulgence paired with a fancy meal, nothing beats a cup of gelato.

Since gelato is whipped differently than traditional ice cream, it’s a whole lot more dense — meaning that you need to have special gelato cups and spoons to handle it.

By having those gelato spoons on hand — instead of the traditional ice cream spoons that you see in every other shop — you get to take your business to a whole other level.

Here’s how:

1. Having gelato cups and spoons makes you look more elegant

No matter how they’re customized, ice cream spoons don’t have the “elegance” that gelato spoons do. Since gelato isn’t nearly as common as regular ice cream is, seeing gelato cups and spoons in your shop will instantly give people a more elegant, cultured feeling. By indulging in gelato — instead of regular ol’ ice cream — your customers will feel like they’re having a really unique, fancy treat.

Couple it with a nice cup of cappuccino, and your customers might feel like they’re on vacation in Rome, instead of taking a break from their Saturday errands!

2. Gelato cups and spoons set you apart from your competitors

That elegant feeling people get when they’re eating at your gelato shop will extend to the way they view your competitors, too. Chances are they don’t have gelato cups and spoons lying around because they only sell regular ice cream. Since you’ve got more unique options, you’ll instantly be seen as the shop that offers something that the “other guys” can’t!

3. Gelato spoons in smaller sizes can help you market your products more effectively

By having tasting spoons — in addition to the regular-size gelato cups and spoons — you can encourage people to try new flavors and test new products. That way, you can convince people to try something that they may not have, if they had to pay for it.

As an added benefit, offering tasting spoons is a great way to get new business. If, for example, a group of women come in and one of them doesn’t want any gelato, you can hand her some tasting spoons and offer her some samples. If she likes what she tastes, she’ll buy something right then and there — and come back later for more!

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