Furnace Filters — 4 Things You’ve Got to Keep in Mind

If you think it’s OK to overlook your furnace filter, think again!

When’s the last time you changed your furnace filter?
If you don’t remember, that’s a really bad thing!
After all, did you know that:

1. Your furnace filter directly impacts the air you breathe
Think of your home air filter as its own little security system. However, instead of keeping burglars from invading your space, it keeps things like mold, pollen, and pet dander from invading your lungs!
But even the best furnace filters can only do their job for so long. If you don’t replace yours on a regular basis, the air around your home is going to get dirtier and dirtier. You may not be able to physically see it, but your lungs will definitely feel the difference!
And, if you have an underlying medical condition – like asthma or allergies – you may need to replace your furnace filter sooner than even the manufacturer recommends. In fact, if you start feeling your symptoms kicking up, your home air filter is the likely culprit!

2. All furnace filters are not created equal
The next time you’re looking at your home air filter, take a look at its MERV (or “Minimum Efficiency Rating Value”). Each filter comes with a different MERV, and the number will tell you just how good it is at keeping particles out of your air. The higher your filter’s MERV is, the better it is at trapping tiny particles and preventing you from breathing them in. Get a furnace filter with as high of a MERV you can find, but don’t settle for anything less than a MERV of 11.

3. Replacement is good for your furnace, too
As happy as your lungs will be when you get a new furnace filter, your furnace itself will be thrilled, too. That’s because the dirtier a furnace filter gets, the harder the furnace has to work to pump air through it. After all, a clogged filter leaves less space for hot air to travel through!
In the end, your dirty furnace filters won’t just make your home’s air dirtier. They’ll also make your utility bills skyrocket!

4. Fido = more frequent filters
As much as you love your pet, he’ll be responsible for you going through about twice as many furnace filters! That’s because every time he runs by with his squeaky toy, he’s sending a bunch of pet dander into the air – and putting more of a strain on your home air filter in the process.

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