Frameless Glass Pool Fencing – 2 Ways to Make Your Pool Look Great

Whether you’re required by law to have some sort of pool fence or you simply want to make your pool area safer, you can’t go wrong with frameless glass pool fencing. After all, you’ve spent a lot of money making your outdoor area look great. The last thing you need is to cover it up or block the view with some ugly pool fence.

Thanks to these 2 frameless glass pool fencing products, you can provide a barrier around your pool, without ruining your décor:

1. Frameless fencing

If you don’t want to cover up your beautiful pool or that great view of your backyard – but still want full protection around your pool – frameless fencing is the perfect choice. Since it’s made out of glass, you’ll have all the safety you need, without ruining the look of your entire outdoor area.
Frameless fencing is held in place with small metal spigots in the ground. And, you can even choose the type of finish you want on your spigots, so that you get the perfect look.

You can use frameless glass pool fencing anywhere – whether you have a wooden deck or special paving. That’s because the metal spigots are designed to attach sturdily to virtually any type of deck.

2. Frameless glass balustrades

You can’t get any closer to invisible than with frameless glass balustrades! In fact, they’re even less noticeable than the traditional frameless fencing. That’s because these fences are held in place when you side mount them with sturdy stainless steel pins. As a result, a glass balustrade fence gives you a completely unspoiled view of your pool – without even drilling anything into the ground. And, as an added benefit, you can pick the finish on your metal fixtures, so that they completely complement your décor and blend in as much as possible.

While they made be made of glass, frameless glass balustrades are completely sturdy! You can count on them to withstand virtually anything that Mother Nature throws at them. They’ll be able to hold their own against your son’s pool party of the rowdy afternoon barbecue you host.
If you’re thinking of enclosing a bigger area – like your balcony, your staircase, or your entire patio, you can get a glass balustrade handrail that’s made with sturdy metal on the top. That way, you’ll have a durable way to keep your balance – without spoiling the view!

And, because they’re side-mounted, a glass balustrade fence can be used inside or out. Just think of how nice one would look on your indoor staircase!

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