Forensic Supplies – Why Are They So Important?

Whether you are a rookie officer or a seasoned detective, the importance of evidence collection has been drilled into your head. However, all of the techniques and procedures that you have learned about are nothing without the right forensic supplies.
But just why are forensic supplies so important?

-Forensics tell the story

There is no such thing as the “perfect crime”. No matter what kind of crime you’re dealing with, the guilty party left some kind of evidence behind – whether it’s fingerprints, a strand of hair, or fibers of clothing.

That evidence is what’s used to make cases; without it, prosecutors can never “tell the story” of what happened.
But in order to collect that all-important evidence, you need good forensic supplies. And, it’s not just good enough to have quality forensic products back at the station. Cases can be made or broken right at the scene of the crime – right after the crime took place. That’s why you also need great crimescene supplies that you can take with you.

If you miss out on important evidence right in the beginning, you will never get a chance to get it back. If you have crimescene supplies that aren’t up to snuff, you will wind up missing valuable clues. You will never be able to “tell the story”, and you will likely let a criminal walk free.

-They use state-of-the-art technology

Forensic products are getting more and more high-tech by the day. For example, fingerprints have always been a tried and true piece of forensic evidence, and now technology is making them even more useful. Thanks to a prescan fingerprint enhancer, you can make sure that the fingerprints you take are of the highest quality.

A prescan fingerprint enhancer is made up of special, colorless chemicals that help make fingerprints more clear. All you have to do is press your fingers onto the special pad before sticking them in a fingerprint machine. After all, if your fingerprint machine gives you prints with smudges on them, it’s not very useful! Thanks to a prescan fingerprint enhancer, you can make sure that all of the prints you take are crystal clear.

But it’s not all about fingerprints.New crimescene supplies are constantly being developed so that you can practically take the crime lab with you right to the scene. Just in the trunk of your car, you can have an array of portable forensic products that can help you figure out whodunit. That way, you can work more efficiently – without cutting valuable corners.

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