Fencing Pools — 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Fencing pools is a great way to keep everyone safe out on your patio — even your tiniest of house guests! But if you’re worried that a pool fence has to be ugly or difficult to be safe, think again.

In fact, you can get a great-looking pool fence just by remembering these 3 things:

1. You may not have a choice

In many areas, fencing pools isn’t an option. Instead, it’s required by local laws. If that’s the case where you live, you don’t have to worry about spoiling your outdoor area with some kind of ugly pool fence. Instead, you can comply with local laws, make your pool area safer, and keep all of your patio’s beauty intact with glass swimming pool fencing. In fact, it’s the most “invisible” pool fencing you can buy!

2. Glass swimming pool fencing is built to last

You might think that because it’s made out of glass that it’s not as sturdy as other types of fencing. Luckily, you’re wrong!

Glass swimming pool fencing is specially-designed to withstand strong winds, rough weather, and even flying debris. It can also hold its own during a rowdy pool party. That way, you can feel free to live your life — or watch Mother Nature do her thing — without worrying that you’re going to have to deal with shattered glass or a broken fence.

3. You can decide how “invisible” you want your pool fence to be

Even though it’s required by law in some places, fencing pools doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all process. There are ways that you can abide by the law and still make your pool area unique.

One way to do it is with a frameless glass pool fence. As the name suggests, these fences do not have a bunch of big posts that stand in between you and your view. Instead, a frameless glass pool fence is held in place with small anchors that screw right into the ground. That way, once you get higher than a few inches off the ground, all you can see is glass!

Or, you can opt for a frameless glass pool fence that is even more “invisible”. By securing your glass swimming pool fencing with balustrades — or, anchors that attach to the side of your wall, instead of to the ground — you don’t even have to worry about drilling into your pool deck!

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