Enhance Your Patio with Wicker Furniture

Enhance Your Patio with Wicker Furniture
It is easy to beautify your patio area with durable wicker furniture. Learn how to shop wicker furniture for your outdoor area.

An outdoor living experience isn’t complete without comfortable and stylish furniture. While there are several types of outdoor-friendly materials to choose from — ranging from wood and iron to aluminum and metal — one of the most popular materials for the outdoors is rattan wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture can be made from rattan, cane, bamboo and other grasses. There are many benefits to selecting wicker patio furniture for the outdoors. Here’s a look at the advantages of wicker furniture and how to incorporate it into your patio décor.

Buy the right type of wicker: Wicker patio furniture is available in two forms: traditional wicker furniture and all-weather wicker, also known as resin wicker furniture. If your patio or porch is covered, you can get away with purchasing traditional wicker furniture under a covered area.

However, if your patio is exposed, consider all-weather wicker. Wicker resin furniture is manufactured for use in the open-air, which means it is not only durable, but also able to withstand outdoor elements such as wind, rain and UV rays from the sun. Use all-weather wicker in your patio or by the poolside.

Purchase the proper seating options: A comfortable outdoor patio should offer guests and homeowners with plenty of chairs and seating options. In addition to traditional chairs, you may want to purchase a comfortable wicker sofa, rocking chair, ottoman and a loveseat. Other outdoor seating options include chaise longue, and contemporary outdoor wicker beds.

Add style and color: The wicker furniture of today is very different from your grandmother’s wicker. Contemporary wicker furniture is available in a myriad of styles, stains and hues. You can even find designer wicker furniture. While wicker furniture for indoor use is often adorned with comfortable cushions, you can also find similar cushions for outdoor use. Add stylish outdoor cushions, and your outdoor living area will be the new hang out.

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