Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers – How Do You Find a Good One

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to give your home an upgrade, engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice.

After all, engineered wood isn’t made from the same exact materials as genuine hardwood flooring, but it looks identical. Luckily, it’s also far less expensive than genuine hardwood flooring!

You’ll also hear engineered wood referred to as “glueless wood flooring“, because it comes in panels that you lay down and snap together – instead of using messy, toxic adhesives. Since it’s so easy to install, lots of people are turning to glueless wood flooring to add some value to their homes.

But with so many engineered wood flooring manufacturers out there, how do you pick a good one to buy from?

Follow these 4 tips:

1. Look for a manufacturer that is willing to answer your questions before you make a purchase
Some engineered wood flooring manufacturers are so concerned with the bottom line that they’re not willing to even talk to you unless you’ve already spent money. That’s definitely not a company you want to work with!

Chances are you don’t know a whole lot about glueless wood flooring. That’s why you need a manufacturer that’s willing to spend time answering all of your questions either in person or over the phone – no matter how basic they might be.

2. Find a manufacturer that has several different warehouses

If you’re going to buy engineered wood flooring online, you’re going to have to pay to have it shipped to you. If you want to be able to cut down on those costs as much as you can, look for a manufacturer that has warehouses in different parts of the country. That way, you won’t have to pay to have your flooring shipped 3,000 miles!

3. Look for a manufacturer that’s serious about the environment

Let’s face it – the future of flooring is finding sustainable materials that look great, but don’t deplete all of our natural resources. Good engineered wood flooring manufacturers will be on the cutting edge of new, “green” technology – both in the materials used to create their products and in the manufacturing process itself.

4. Do your homework

The world wide web is chock full of information – including engineered wood flooring reviews. Before you invest in new flooring, spend some time checking out reliable websites. If you see a ton of bad engineered wood flooring reviews, you probably want to find another manufacturer.

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