Engineered Wood Flooring — Find Your Ideal Product Among its Vast Variety

Engineered wood flooring is the top choice for many homeowners. Not only is engineered wood fashionable and sturdy, it also prevents the unsustainable harvesting of countless mature trees. To generate enough solid-wood planks to cover the entire ground area of a modern home, irreplaceable trees must be leveled — that’s an unavoidable fact. And although these exemplars of strength and beauty are increasingly being harvested with sustainability in mind, many simply are not. Once these specimens are cut down, centuries must pass before the trees that follow them achieve their stature. Hardly anyone — except economists, maybe — would wager putting a price on a lifespan of a hundred years, but what are people who want to buy wood flooring to do, if not that?

Today, people are opening up their eyes to the shared perils that are in store for all if allowances aren’t made to give nature time to heal itself after undergoing a pillaging of its bounteous, but finite, resources. Sellers of all stripes know this, and have responded with product promotions that label their offerings “green.” Informed shoppers must be aware that the all-encompassing term can represent a full spectrum of “green” standards, and that it’s a good idea to look at engineered wood flooring reviews before settling on a final choice.

For instance, if you’re really concerned about buying only the greenest engineered wood flooring, you’ll want to make sure that the planks you purchase have both an FSC-certified core and top layer. Moreover, you’ll want to inspect the components of the adhesive used in between planks of floating engineered flooring, or opt for engineered, glueless wood flooring. If you want to create a salubrious indoor environment for yourself and for your family, the possibility of installing components that off-gas urea-formaldehyde cannot be ignored.

If you’re willing to commit to doing your homework, you’re sure to arrive at the correct flooring selection for your home. Engineered wood flooring is not just a “green” choice, it is also an economical one. Take a moment to assess what matters to you the most and find the product that fulfills every demand you have.

Sam Walters is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her writing appears in print and online.

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