Engineered Floating Wood Flooring: Economical and Sustainable

When homeowners begin remodeling their homes, often, a pleasant surprise for them is the fantastically accessible price range of engineered floating wood flooring. The value this choice of flooring contributes to cash-strapped buyers is immense: the look and feel of solid wood floors for a vastly reduced price.

An added bonus that cannot be overlooked is that engineered wood floors can represent, in many instances, the most green and environmentally sustainable decision for an indoor ground cover.

Of course, the list of virtues of engineered locking wood flooring is a lot more extensive than what appears above. This type of material comes in a cornucopia of colors and varieties, which present to any committed homeowner the possibility for a real customization of his abode’s floors. To this, one can still add a relatively hassle-free installation process — locking wood floors do not have to be nailed or glued to a subfloor. In great contrast to its traditional alternative — solid wood floors — locking wood flooring consists of interlocking planks that float above the subfloor, but are nonetheless rugged and durable.

And while some people think that nothing is more divine than parquet wood flooring in the home, many think that geometric ostentation is trumped by more forthright elegance and simpler installation. Another attribute of floating wood floors that deserves some attention is its construction for easy disassembly. When homeowners move, they may not be able to take the kitchen sink with them, but at least they can take the floors — because who want to leave behind their investments? No one.

Discount engineered hardwood flooring is plentiful and it does not require massive amounts of precious natural wood for its construction. A hardwood top layer, mounted over a sturdy and stable core, suffices to attain the look (and feel) of solid wood planks. Depending on the thickness of the top layer, these engineered floor planks can be sanded for restoration purposes. Overall, engineered hardwood planks do a commendable of job of saving: saving money, saving time, and saving mature trees. If you want the economical and sustainable choice of flooring, go with the engineered hardwood variety.

Sam Walters is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her writing appears in print and online.

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