Ceiling Fans — They Do a Lot More Than Cooling!

Whether you trend to tropical ceiling fans or to something more traditional, your ceiling fan completes your look.

Ceiling fans offer a lot more than cooling! Ceiling fans enhance your décor. They reflect your tastes. Whether you trend to tropical ceiling fans or to something more traditional, your ceiling fan completes the look of your room.

The designs are endless, but there’s no need to spend a fortune. Begin with two important considerations — the “look” you want to achieve and, your budget.

1. Think of the “look” as your personal style preference.

Do you want to carry out a particular design throughout the home, or do you want to blend the rooms by functionality or personality?

Here’s a great example. If you love the casual elegance of palm designs, consider tropical ceiling fans. For the living room, accent with natural rattan or bamboo palm fronds. In the family room, add color with brilliant tropical tones perfectly matched to your furniture. In the kids’ rooms accent with bold, bright petals, or for the boys, a nautical style.

Ceiling fans with lights have travelled light years since those wretched air-movers of the past! Imagine, for example, the elegance of a chandelier ceiling lamp in a formal dining room. OK, it’s pricier than some of its less-dramatic cousins, but just imagine the beauty of 48 candles nestled in a fabulous bronze ring.

For a more cost-effective look, add a soft lighting fixture to your tropical décor. Or add a dramatic marble light kit to accent your “look”. The beauty of ceiling fans with lights is that they’re not just for light anymore!

If tropical isn’t your style, how about the modern look? Combine a dramatic art deco light kit with sleek satin steel blades. Or how about the rustic look? Add a mission light to your ceiling fan. What is more rustic than carved wooden blades!

The point is, you can define your “look” right in line with your budget. All you need is a little imagination!

2. It’s easy to match your ceiling fan décor with your budget

Whether you’re prepared to invest in timeless design and top-of-the-line craftsmanship, or if your budget is more in line with a sleeker simpler look, you can find the perfect fan to compliment both your décor and your budget.

Craftmade ceilingfans are the perfect solution for matching your “look” to your budget. Choose from the elegance of crystal to the sleek South Beach look to the humorous basketball hoop. Craftmade ceiling fans literally offer styling and value for every budget.

Speaking of budget, consider the affordability of dressing up the fans you already have. Choose from a variety of very attractive – and attractively priced – new blades. Updated blades and price conscious light kits can dress up your room as well as your out-dated fans.

Find your look — and your price range — at www.palmfanstore.com!

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