Ceiling fans do more than keeping you cool

Having a ceiling fan working over you on a warm summer day can be quite a relief. The humble ceiling fan has come a long way and there are various types of >designer ceiling fans available in the market from modern contemporary designs to tropical ceiling fans which can create whatever feel and mood you want in your home or office.

Ceiling fans can help save energy bills during the summer months by keeping you cool without the need for high energy consuming air conditioners while helping to keep the room warm during the winter months and thereby reducing your heating costs during winter because the fan will use lot less energy than a heater.

How can a ceiling fan keep a room warm? New types of ceiling fans available at www.palmfanstore.com can rotate in both directions, while rotating in one direction will provide a cooling effect and when switched to rotate in the opposite direction it will draw the warm air near the ceiling downwards thus making the room warmer.

Ceiling fans come in various shapes and sizes and you no longer have to have a ceiling fan that is a total mismatch to the rest of the room. Now the designer ceiling fans are used as a focal item when doing interior decorating. If you have a modern contemporary area you can select one of the contemporary designs available to enhance the modern look of the room.

If you want to fix ceiling fan to your holiday home by the beach you can buy one of the tropical ceiling fans to add character to your tropical themed décor. You can select from a wide range of tropical ceiling fans at www.palmfanstore.com which are available at a much lower price than what you would have to pay elsewhere.

Do you enjoy sitting out on your porch or patio, an outdoor ceiling fan will let you enjoy many a lazy afternoon with the cooling air and the sound can be comforting too. An outdoor ceiling fan with lights can light up your patio while keeping you cool.

Before buying a ceiling fan you need to determine the size of the fan you will need for the room. Measure the size of the fan from one blade tip to the tip of the opposite blade tip, the usual calculation is that a 32″ fan is for an 80 square foot room, 42″ for 80-120 sq.ft. room, 44″ for 120 -144 sq.ft., room and a 52″ for rooms larger than 144 square feet. Getting the right sized fan is important to get the maximum benefit from the fan.

Before you buy a ceiling fan visit www.palmfanstore.com to select the perfect outdoor ceiling fan with lights or the Victorian ceiling fan to give old world charm.

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