Better Salon Managing Software for Your Business

Although your beauty salon or day spa is supposed to be a tranquil place, it’s often buzzing with activity ranging from constant phone calls to clients checking in and out around the clock. The receptionist or salon manager is often as busy as the hairstylists, managing countless tasks from morning to closing time.

However, some of the most advanced salon software on the market can streamline your operations and perform all of the tasks mentioned above, and more. But how do you find the right salon software for your company? Features, features, features. Before you purchase software, make sure that that it offers the features you need to make more money for your business. Here’s a look at some the most important features offered the salon computer software Smart Salon Manager.

Appointment scheduling: A fundamental and vital job requirement, appointment scheduling is the backbone of any successful salon business. Easy-to-use and extremely flexible, Smart Salon Manager makes it possible for receptionists to do more than schedule appointments; the salon scheduling software allows for flexible times for each employee, categorizes the appointments based on service, offers complete support for double booking. Appointments are made faster and easier, without having to worry about holes in the scheduling.

Smart Salon Manager also offers advanced appointment scheduling, designed to help receptionists schedule multiple services for a single client. It’s also important to find appointment scheduling software that can track client arrivals, client no-shows, and employees’ work schedules.

Text messaging: Today’s advanced salon software offers text messaging capabilities, a handy service that reduces your front desk’s time on the phones. The software automatically sends Day Close information to managers via their cell phones. It also provides group text messages, and the ability to send a message to employees directly from the software.

Client tracking: When it comes to tracking clients, the Smart Salon Manager hair salon appointment software offers an easy way to find client information, track client visits, and store detailed client information, such as pictures. Employees can also easily keep track of client formulas, as well as personal information, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Advanced salon software such as Smart Salon Manager also offers a large database, a way to manage your inventory, and payroll. You can also use the software to manage gift certificates, sales, services, and much more. Smart Salon Manager was developed by BriBeck Technologies, LLC. More information can be found here:

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