Benefits of Using Artificial Grass over Natural Grass for Putting Greens

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Artificial grass can cost a whole lot less if bought wholesale. Wholesale synthetic turf is made at factories and can be bought in huge rolls, ready to be installed. The installation of synthetic grass costs more than it does to plant natural grass, but the benefits over time in maintenance savings makes it worth it to invest in synthetic turf now.

Artificial grass requires very low maintenance. Hot areas commonly require high amounts of watering, and this is especially true for golf courses that need to maintain acres and acres of land. Mowing grass usually takes a long time and a lot of man power.

You would be pleased to hear that synthetic grass doesn’t grow, so it doesn’t require any trimming. Fertilizer that encourages natural grass to grow smells bad to golfers and can be a big expense for regularly feeding a natural lawn. Fertilizer is no longer needed with artificial turf. Artificial turf can look beautiful without any kind of treatment.

Sometimes your lawn can show unsightly dead patches, which is a natural occurrence in grass fields. Re-seeding dead patches isn’t necessary with wholesale synthetic grass. The heat has no effect on the grass, especially if it is treated to be fade resistant.

This way your grass can stay beautifully green all year long. Golf owners know how important aesthetics are to their business. Having brown ugly patches or having to close off areas to re-seed can be an inconvenience to both golf owners and players, and may inhibit business growth.

Natural grass in putting areas needs to be mowed often in order to keep it short enough to be appropriate to play on. Longer grass inhibits the movement of the golf ball when hit, so shorter grass by comparison is a better choice. Any dead patches of grass would render the putting area unfair and could alter the outcome of games.

If you want to spend money on natural grass you will have to pay a maintenance crew to trim it and make sure it is even almost every day. You can save a bit of money on maintenance labor costs if you use artificial putting greens.

Artificial turf at wholesale prices stays even all year round. Microban infill underneath the grass is an option you can choose to keep microbial growth down. Mold, mildew and bacteria can grow in damp dark places, but the chemical treatment of Microban infill discourages this growth.

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