Bamboo Flooring – Why Have It in Your Home?

If you want flooring that looks good, that’s durable, and that’s good for the environment, you can get it with bamboo flooring.In fact, bamboo floors are becoming a very popular alternative to traditional hardwood floors!

But why exactly should you install bamboo floors in your home?

When you know the facts, the choice is obvious!

1.It looks good

Bamboo flooring looks and feels just like traditional hardwood. In fact, to the casual observer, there is no difference! Bamboo hardwood flooring comes in as many shades as traditional hardwood does, so it is easy to find a color that matches the rest of your décor.

Plus, just like hardwood, bamboo flooring shades offer a classic, timeless look. They will never go out of style like tile, vinyl, and laminate can. Bamboo floors also offer a look that any potential homebuyer is going to love – and may be willing to pay extra for! After all, little luxuries can turn into big profits when it comes time to sell your home.

And, luckily, bamboo might look like real wood – but it comes with a price tag that is much lower!

2.It is durable

Strand bamboo flooring is just as tough as traditional hardwood. In fact, in some instances, it’s even tougher! That’s because strand bamboo flooring won’t fall victim to water and moisture like traditional hardwood does – so you can feel free to install it in your kitchen, bathroom, and other places where traditional hardwood isn’t an option.

When installed correctly, you can count on your bamboo hardwood flooring to last for years and years. It can even hold its own against heavy foot traffic and even kids and pets.

3.It is good for the environment

Unlike traditional hardwood floors – which deplete the forests and other natural resources – bamboo floors don’t put a strain on Mother Earth. That’s because bamboo is a grass, not a hardwood, so you don’t have to cut down a bunch of trees to harvest it. Instead of slicing up wood and turning it into narrower planks, strands of bamboo are woven tightly together to make planks of flooring.

And, as an added benefit, bamboo is one of the fastest growing grasses on the planet. It can regenerate itself in a couple of years after you harvest it to make floors. Compare that to traditional hardwood – which can take as long as 75 years to grow back after it’s been cut down to make flooring!

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