Awesome benefits of frameless glass pool fences

Pool fencing is required by law in many countries. Australian safety regulations mandate that swimming pools should be enclosed to prevent unsupervised children and pets from getting into the water. Even though there is no Federal law in place in the United States, several states including Arizona, California, Florida and several others have created their own pool fence laws. In several other countries where government regulations lack trade organizations have created pool safety standards that include fencing requirements.

Pool fencing comes in many forms including wood, metal, glass, plastic and many combinations of them. However, glass including frameless glass pool fences has been a hit and timeless for many reasons. Safety glasses come in many thicknesses that stand up to all types of weather conditions including sudden temperature changes.
Glass also provides the strength and stability that is needed from a fence especially around a swimming pool.

Glass fences installed by are guaranteed to provide years of protection. Their elegant semi frameless glass fencing comes in 10mm thickness while frameless glass pool fences contain 12mm thickness toughened glass.

Corrosion has been the main problem with metal pool fencing several years after the installation. The uses mirror polished aluminum square or round posts for its semi- frameless glass pool fences and similar varieties for its frameless fencing. These provide the needed resistance to corrosion.

Glass is inherently transparent and provides unlimited view from your home as well as other vantage points. Glass doesn’t harm your landscaping either. Due to its resistant to climbing, it provides much needed security. One of the biggest drawbacks with fences made of metal, wood and other material is that they are not climb proof. Even the semi frameless glass fencing prevents intruders getting into the pool.
Easy maintenance also has been an advantage of glass fencing. It is easy to clean compare to tubular steel fencing. Newer varieties of glass cleaning products available in the market prevent residue left on glass surfaces and cleans glass easily.

Glass is timeless. In order to enhance appearance, one can add or remove tinting to obscure vision and improve appearance. If chosen, a design can be etched into glass panels. Depending on one’s choose, frameless fencing or semi frameless glass fencing can be installed. Glass can be a design element or even provide subtle backdrop to a patio, fire pit, or a garden and enhance the natural beauty of an area.

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