An Instant Approval Credit Card – 2 Other Things It Can Come With

You have probably seen ads offering you an instant approval credit card all over the world wide web. But what exactly does that mean? And what comes with it?

The ads you’re seeing are accurate; you can be approved for a credit card in seconds. However, an instant approval credit card doesn’t work the same way that a traditional credit card does. Instead of being able to get a credit card that allows you to make purchases now and pay them off later, an instant approval credit card will usually require you to deposit money onto your card first, before you can buy anything.

That’s how a credit card company can approve you on the spot, and that’s how someone with even bad credit can get one. The credit card company doesn’t have to take a risk on you paying them back!

So, now that you know how these credit cards work, what should they come with?

1. A variety of loan opportunities

Whether you need bad credit auto loans to pay off your car payments or a personal loan with bad credit, you can usually get it from the same companies that offer instant approval credit cards.

The benefit to finding loans this way?

The company already knows what your credit looks like – and doesn’t have a major problem with it! After all, if your credit is bad enough, other lenders who offer bad credit auto loans or a personal loan with bad credit may shy away from you. But if you can find a company who is already willing to do business with you through an instant approval credit card, the same company may very well be willing to give you loan opportunities, too.

2. Identity protection

Even if your credit score isn’t very good, you still need to keep yourself safe from identity thieves. Luckily, when you get an instant approval credit card from a reputable company, many times, your card will come with built-in identity protection.

What is it?

Professional identity protection services will keep tabs on your name, your address, and your Social Security number to make sure that nothing fishy is going on. If something out of the ordinary pops up, your identity protection company will alert you to it. That way, you can find out sooner – rather than later -that someone is up to no good with your identity.

Why is it so important?

You can’t just assume that an identity thief will target someone with better credit. If your identity gets stolen, it can make rebuilding your credit that much more difficult.

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