Add Aesthetic Value To Your Home With Designer Ceiling Fans

Many may not associate a ceiling fan as an item to use for interior designing, but the increasing popularity of the ceiling fan for its functional purposes and with the new designer ceiling fans available it is gaining popularity to add aesthetic value as well.

Whether it is a contemporary look you need to create or a olden day rustic look or a cozy comfortable feel you want, look no further than Palm Fan Store to select a fan to suit your mood and wallet. You have a wide range of fans ranging from the extensive range of Craftmade ceiling fans to outdoor ceiling fans with lights available in different designs and prices.
So how do you choose the best fan to match the interior of your home?

With the range of different sized fans available for different sized space areas the first thing to do would be to ascertain the size of the fan you need by measuring the floor area of the different spaces you intend installing ceiling fans in. Use a size chart from an appliance store to determine the size you need for each room.

Once the size is determined decide the type of décor you need to match the fan to, is it contemporary, tropical, rustic, minimalist or traditional? Now you can browse for fans to match your requirements by visiting the Palm Fan Store website. You could select from a wide range of Craftmade ceiling fans to Casablanca ceiling fans to match the color and design of the space you intend installing the fan in.
There are ceiling fans with decorative light fittings fixed on to them. This way you can have the fan in the middle of the ceiling in the room and not have to worry about the light fixtures having to be fixed out of place. You can also have a fan with sound effects fixed on to it as well.

And it is not only indoors that you can decorate with ceiling fans, there is a range of beautiful outdoor ceiling fans with lights to fix in your patio or porch to complete the look while you can sit back on a warm summer afternoon without being bothered by the heat.

Experiment with different types and colors until you get the right look for your house and enjoy the ambience and comfort with your new ceiling fan which comes with the convenience of a remote control to set it at the level you want without getting up from the couch.

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