A Good Forensic Kit – What Does It Include?

Whether you are a professional detective or you just love to watch detective shows on TV, you know how important forensics are in solving crimes. However, you can’t do anything with those forensics if you don’t have a quality way to collect them.

That’s where a forensic kit comes in!

If you want to buy a quality forensic kit, then you need to make sure that it comes with these 3 things:

1.Fingerprint powder

No matter how careful a criminal is, chances are he left some sort of fingerprint evidence at the crime scene. In fact, fingerprints get left on all sorts of objects, but the only way to find them is with good fingerprint powder.

Top-quality fingerprint powder can make prints appear on a variety of different things. You can sprinkle it on curtains, on door handles, and even on soda cans to see if there is any fingerprint evidence on them. A good fingerprint powder will give you great details – like ridges and marks that make each fingerprint different. That way, when you get a suspect, you will be able to easily compare his prints to the ones left at the crime scene.

2.Fingerprint ink

Speaking of suspects, you never know when you are going to encounter one. When you do, you will need a way to collect valuable evidence – like his fingerprints. However, you can’t do it without fingerprint ink.

Good fingerprint ink is easy to use and easy to carry around with you wherever you go. It also comes in just the right consistency, so that it’s easy to see fine lines, ridges, and other fingerprint marks. After all, the slightest line can mean the difference between knowing you have your man and having to look for someone else!

3.Child fingerprint cards

No matter how old the kids you’re dealing with are, these cards are a great tool to have on hand. Child fingerprint cards are a great way to help find missing children – and to make missing children cases run more smoothly.

Child fingerprint cards are easy to use; they only take a few seconds to create a lasting record of your child’s fingerprints. Then, in case the worst happens, you will have something concrete to give to the authorities.

Even if you are investigating a totally separate crime, you never know when you are going to run into a child who hasn’t created a fingerprint card. By having them on hand, you can make sure that every kid out there gets fingerprinted.

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