5 Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Wicker

Whether you’ve got a sprawling pool area or a tiny patio, you can make the most out of every inch with outdoor wicker. When it comes time to decorate your outdoor space, be sure to keep these 5 things in mind:

1. Outdoor wicker has resin in it

If you’re shopping for wicker, you’ll notice that the outdoor stuff is actually called “resin wicker”. That’s because the manufacturer takes the vines that are used to make traditional wicker and mixes them with a resin material. As a result, that resin acts like a shield — protecting your outdoor wicker from the sun, rain, and snow that would ruin traditional wicker. You can count on your outdoor wicker to be completely waterproof and even fade-proof.

2. Wicker outdoor furniture looks like the indoor stuff

Even though it’s made a little bit differently, resin wicker doesn’t look much different from the traditional stuff. If you look at it closely, you might notice that the resin makes your outdoor wicker a tiny bit slicker. However, most people will never notice the difference!

3. Outdoor wicker furniture can come in a virtual rainbow of colors

Aside from protecting it, the resin that’s mixed in with your wicker furniture can bring you another great benefit — making it practically any color you want! The color comes from the resin itself. So, if you want chocolate brown outdoor wicker, all the manufacturer has to do is use chocolate brown resin.

As a result, you can get wicker outdoor furniture to complement your favorite rose bush, the paint on your house, or anything else you want!

4. Wicker outdoor furniture is built to last

Thanks to its resin mixture, you can count on your outdoor wicker furniture to always look as good as the day you bought it, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it! In fact, the cushions on your outdoor wicker furniture will need to be replaced long before the furniture itself. That’s why a good wicker retailer offers tons of replacement cushions to choose from!

5. Outdoor wicker furniture is more comfortable

Because it comes with cushions, your outdoor wicker will be a whole lot more comfortable than any other type of patio furniture! After all, those plastic chairs aren’t great for curling up in. And, those wrought iron chairs are hard, uncomfortable, and get incredibly hot out in the sun. If you’re looking for a nice place to drink your coffee or lounge with a book, you’ll be out of luck — unless you’ve got resin wicker!

You can use the resin wicker from www.wickerparadise.com to make any outdoor space look great!

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