4 Tips for the Perfect Renter Screening

If you want to save yourself the headache and expense of evicting tenants later (or cleaning up the mess they leave behind), you need to come up with the perfect renter screening process.
Here’s how you do it:

1. Get all of the necessary background verifications
Doing a renter screening does you no good if the person in question is using a fake identity! In order to make sure you’re really dealing with “John Smith”, you’ll need professional background verifications. Luckily, these services aren’t expensive — and they’re not difficult to do, if you hire the right company. That way, you can make sure the information you get actually applies to the person you’re dealing with.

2. Take a long look at your potential tenant’s credit history
Doing a tenant credit history search will show you just how good your potential renter is at paying his bills. You’ll get to see if he’s responsible about his financial obligations. Plus, you’ll get to see what other kinds of debts he’s dealing with. After all, if he’s got a ton of debt racked up, it may be harder for him to manage your rent payment every month!
Reading a potential tenant’s credit report — and reading it carefully — is the most important thing you can do during the renter screening process. It’s the best way to tell if your tenant is actually going to pay you or not!

3. Do an employee check
You’ll need to make sure that your potential tenant actually has a job — and that it’s likely that he’s going to keep it for awhile. Even just a short phone call to his employer can clear everything up for you.
After all, without a formal employee check, you don’t have any proof that your potential tenant has a job. And if he’s not employed, the odds of him being able to pay you rent every month go down dramatically!

4. Do a background check
While it may be illegal to deny a tenant’s application just because he has a criminal record, you also need to know who you’re dealing with. That’s why every good renter screening needs to include a background check.
And, remember, a background check may give you legitimate reasons to turn people away. For example, you may have a potential tenant with great credit — but he’s a registered sex offender, and your property is across the street from an elementary school. By knowing this information upfront, you can deny his application and save everyone potential trouble later!

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