4 Things a Good Wicker Retailer Will Offer You

Not sure if your wicker retailer is a good one?

Just take a look at their inventory. The good ones will offer these 4 things:

1. Wicker that can go in every room of your house

If you truly want that “on-vacation” feeling, you’re going to need wicker furniture all over the place — not just in your living room. A good wicker retailer understands that, and, as a result, will have furniture that you can put anywhere.

For example, a wicker bedroom set can give your room an instant tropical makeover that relaxes you as soon as you walk into it. By having wicker bedroom furniture, you can curl up with a good book on a random Tuesday night — and feel like you’re having a comfy, tropical getaway!

2. Wicker that can go inside or out

If you’re going for a light, airy, tropical vibe, it’s going to look strange if it doesn’t extend out onto your patio! Whether you’ve got a giant pool area or a tiny deck, the right outdoor wicker can instantly make it feel calmer and more peaceful.

If you’ve got the room, invest in an outdoor wicker sofa. That way, you can lounge around on a warm summer afternoon, curl up with a glass of wine on a crisp autumn evening, or give everyone a place to sit during your springtime barbecue.

In fact, the best wicker retailers will place a much of a focus on outdoor wicker as the indoor stuff. That’s because lots of people start their wicker makeover outside, then gradually move indoors.

Just remember — your outdoor wicker sofa has to be specially-manufactured to handle the elements. If your retailer tries to convince you that any ol’ piece of wicker can go outside, they’re wrong!

3. Wicker that can be updated easily

The great thing about wicker furniture is that it’s always in style. If you ever want to make it more modern, you don’t need to mess with re-upholstering anything.

Instead, all you need are a few new cushions!
That’s why a great wicker retailer will have plenty of replacement cushions on hand — in all shapes and sizes. A good retailer won’t try to convince you to buy all new furniture when you really don’t need it. Instead, they’ll have enough replacement cushions for you to get something that matches your décor and keeps your wicker looking fresh.

4. A rattan collection

Because wicker and rattan are like cousins, a good wicker retailer will also have basic rattan pieces on hand — like a rattan sofa or dining set. Luckily, that rattan sofa will look great alongside your wicker, so feel free to mix and match!

Whether you want great-looking wicker furniture inside or out, you’ll find it at www.wickerparadise.com!

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