4 Reasons Why You Need a Floor Heating System

If you hate those freezing cold winters, you’re not alone. In addition to bundling up and having your skin dry out, you wind up spending a ton of money in heating costs — and you’re still freezing all the time!

So, what’s the solution?

Radiant floor heat! In fact, there are 4 reasons why you need to install one of these systems in your home before the next cold front comes through:

1. You’ll get to take advantage of direct heat

A radiant floor heat system uses a network of cables underneath your floors. As a result, you wind up with heated tile, granite, or laminate. When your floor is actually warm, you get direct heat on your feet.

Why is that so great?

That heated tile is going to make you feel warmer sooner than if you were to use your traditional heater. That’s because traditional heaters use indirect heat — by simply blowing hot air around.

2. You can save money

The direct heat you get from a floor heating system isn’t just more comfortable; it’s also a great way to save money. Since it warms you up faster, your floor heating system doesn’t have to run as long as a traditional heater — meaning it doesn’t have to use as much energy.

Just remember — infloor heat isn’t designed to be used all by itself. You’ll have to use your regular heater in conjunction with your radiant floor heat system. However, you’ll be able to set the thermostat much lower than you would if you were relying on your heater all by itself.

3. You’ll be warmer

How many times to you sit around your house all bundled up, because you don’t want to turn the thermostat up on your heater? If you’ve got a floor heating system, those days are over! Because radiant floor heat doesn’t rack up the giant energy bills that a traditional heater does, you can feel free to set the thermostat as high as you want.

And, unlike traditional heaters, heated tile systems come with thermostats for every room. That way, everyone can set a temperature they’re comfortable with!

4. Your allergies won’t act up

You may not know it, but those traditional heaters are like throwing gasoline on a fire for people with allergies. However, since an infloor heat system doesn’t blow hot air around your home, it won’t blow allergens around your home. As a result, you’ll find yourself sneezing less and rubbing your eyes less when you take advantage of radiant floor heat. That alone can make the investment worth every penny!

The team at EZ Floor Heat offers just that — an easy way to stay warm! Find out more about their infloor heat systems at www.ezfloorheat.com.

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