4 Reasons to Invest in Wicker Furniture

If you want to give your home a new look, you can’t go wrong with wicker furniture. If you’re a little nervous to go with something that’s so different from the furniture you’ve always had, don’t be.

In fact, wicker furniture comes with 4 great perks that you can’t get with anything else:

1. It looks great inside or out
If you tried to move your indoor furniture outside (or vice versa), you’d wind up with a home that looked a little ridiculous. However, wicker furniture is so adaptable that it will look great whether it’s sitting in your living room or sitting outside on your deck.

In fact, it makes for great sunroom furniture. Think about it — your sunroom is kind of like an extension of the great outdoors. If you were to use traditional oak or big, plush upholstery for your sunroom furniture, it would look out of place. But when you use wicker, it looks just right!

2. It’s durable to fight off Mother Nature
As long as you get outside wicker, your furniture will be able to withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at it.

What’s so special about outside wicker?

It’s mixed with resin during the manufacturing process. The resin acts like a shield — protecting it from bright sunlight, rain, snow, and anything else that Mother Nature comes up with. That way, you can leave it outside 24/7, without worrying about it fading, mildewing, or warping.

3. It’s a great complement to rattan

Rattan and wicker furniture are like “cousins”. They’re made from the same rainforest vines, but they’re manufactured a little bit differently (wicker is cut into thinner strips and woven together, while rattan is left in thicker pieces). As a result, your wicker will look great with that rattan sofa or that rattan wall unit.

One other benefit to combining the two?

Since it’s made from thicker pieces, rattan is better for the heavy-duty stuff. For example, a rattan sofa can be sat on day-in and day-out. With one, you’ll get a great wicker-friendly look — without losing anything in the way of durability.

4. It gives your home a light, airy, tropical vibe

As soon as you put wicker furniture around your home, you’ll get a light and airy vibe that you may have only thought was possible on a tropical island. With it, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation — even if it’s only a random Tuesday!

You can turn your home into a light and airy oasis with the furniture at www.wickerparadise.com!

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