4 Places You Can Put Wicker Furniture

Wondering how you can incorporate wicker furniture into your home? Here are 4 great spots to put it:

1. In your living room

How nice would it be to come home after a long day and unwind in a living room chock full of wicker. The average Wednesday night can feel like a tropical getaway!

One thing that many homeowners do — especially in bigger, higher-traffic rooms like living rooms — is combine wicker and rattan. That’s because rattan is thicker than wicker, so it’s a sturdier choice for things like sofas and chairs that you’re going to sit on every day.

As an added benefit, both wicker and rattan complement each other well, and they’ll both give off that relaxed vibe. That way, you can get a rattan sofa and combine it with wicker end tables. Or, you can put a rattan sofa next to a wicker bookcase.

2. In your sunroom

What better area is there to have a light and airy look than your sunroom? After all, great sunrooms are designed to be a place where you can curl up, get comfortable, and take advantage of the natural light streaming in!

That’s why choosing the right sunroom furniture is so important.

If you opt for big, heavy, wooden furniture, it’s going to look completely out of place. But by using wicker sunroom furniture, you’re creating that casual, light look that you need in there!

3. In your dining room

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the room where you have dinner every night, or you’re looking to re-do your formal dining room, wicker is a great choice. A wicker dining set can be casual to use every day — or you can dress it up with fancier seat cushions and place settings and use it for more formal meals.

As an added benefit, wicker dining room furniture tends to be smaller than the traditional stuff. So, if you don’t have a ton of space to work with, it’s a great choice!

4. On your patio

Wicker furniture isn’t just great indoors; in fact, outdoor wicker might be the most popular choice of them all! Lots of people actually start out with outdoor wicker. That way, they can ease their way into the tropical look and see if it’s a good fit, before they start putting it in every room in the house.

As an added benefit, outdoor wicker is built to last.

It’s specially-treated with resin, so it can handle virtually anything that Mother Nature throws at it. You can leave it outside all year long, and it will always look at good as the day you bought it!

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