4 Places to Use Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Most people love the look of wicker and rattan furniture, but they’re not sure how to incorporate it into their décor. If you’re one of them, start by adding some wicker and rattan pieces to these 4 places around your home:

1. In your bedroom

How nice would it be to come home after a long day at work and curl up in a bedroom that makes you feel like you’re on vacation? When you have a wicker bedroom set, it might be Tuesday to the rest of the world, but you’ll feel like you’re on “Island Time”!

That’s because wicker bedroom furniture gives off a light and airy vibe that’s perfect for sitting back and relaxing. And the more relaxed you can feel in your own bedroom, the more refreshed you’re going to feel when you wake up in the morning!

As an added benefit, wicker bedroom furniture is not nearly as big and bulky as the traditional stuff is. That way, you can fit in every piece you want — even if you’re working with a small space!

2. On your patio

No matter what the temperature is, outdoor wicker patio furniture will instantly make you feel like you’re in the Tropics. And, luckily, outdoor wicker patio furniture is specially-mixed with resin during the manufacturing process, so it can hold its own against rain, snow, sunlight, and anything else Mother Nature might throw at it!

Outdoor wicker patio furniture is also very versatile. You can get everything from a few basic chairs, to a wicker sofa, to a complete outdoor dining set.

3. In your dining room

Love the look of wicker, but you’re not so sure that it can hold its own as a nightly dinner table? No problem! You can get the same look and the sturdiness you need from rattan furniture. Wicker and rattan furniture are made out of the same vine-like material and come in virtually all of the same colors, but they’re manufactured a little bit differently. As a result, rattan furniture has thicker legs, so it can withstand a little more punishment during that busy dinnertime with the kids.

4. In your sunroom

Even if the rest of your home has a heavier, darker look to it, there is no better place to lighten things up than in your sunroom. By getting sunroom furniture that’s made of either wicker or rattan (or both!), you can make the most out of all that natural light that’s streaming in. That way, every time you curl up on your sunroom furniture, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to some kind of island getaway!

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