4 Design Ideas for Your Wicker Furniture

If you’ve already got some wicker furniture and you don’t know how to make it “pop”, take advantage of these 4 design ideas:

1. Mix it in with your rattan furniture
Because they come from the same rainforest vines, wicker and rattan furniture are like cousins. In fact, the only difference between the two is the way they’re manufactured — wicker is cut into thin strips and woven together, while rattan is left in thick strips. That difference aside, wicker and rattan furniture look great together. So, feel free to use them together in every room of the house!
One great way to combine these two is to use rattan furniture for the “heavy duty” stuff (like sofas and wall units) and use wicker furniture for the lighter stuff (like end tables and smaller bookcases).

2. Move it outside
The great thing about wicker is that it looks great inside or out, so if you want to spruce up your patio, get some wicker resin furniture!

How is that different from the regular stuff?
Like the name implies, wicker resin furniture is mixed with resin during the manufacturing process. That resin acts as a sunshade and a water-resistant shield. That way, you can leave your wicker outside 365 days a year, and it will always look just as good as the day you bought it!
One more benefit? Wicker resin furniture can come in just about any color of the rainbow. Mixing it with different colors of resin will determine its final color.

3. Tap into the power of white wicker furniture
If you want to skip over the traditional wicker earth tones — but you don’t want anything that’s too bright — opt for white wicker furniture. It will look great in a bunch of different places.
For example, if you combine it with some pink accessories in your daughter’s room, you’ll end up with a great “girly” look. Or, if you stick it in your sunroom, you’ll get an even bigger light and airy vibe.

4. Get an upgrade with replacement cushions
Even though the wicker itself will never go out of style, the cushions you have on it might. Luckily, upgrading your wicker furniture is as easy as buying some new replacement cushions! A good retailer will have tons to choose from, in every shape and size. That way, you’ll get a more modern look that’s absolutely perfect!

And, as an added benefit, if you’re dealing with white wicker furniture, you can opt for really bold cushion colors — like teal, red, or even lime green.

When you buy your furniture at Wicker Paradise, it’s easy to make your home feel like paradise!

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