3 Wicker Furniture Dos and Don’ts

You don’t have to spend a fortune on wicker furniture in order to benefit the most from it. Instead, you can follow these 3 dos and don’ts and wind up making the most out of your wicker — and your budget!

– DO get sunroom furniture that’s made from wicker
If you only have the money to put wicker furniture in one room, make it your sunroom. After all, is there really any better place to have a light, airy, tropical vibe than in your sunroom? Wicker furniture will create a calm, relaxing mood that you can’t get from the heavy, traditional stuff.

As an added benefit, by getting sunroom furniture that’s made from wicker, you don’t have to worry about it fading in all of that natural light. And if the cushions start to fade, they’re much easier (and cheaper!) to replace than re-upholstering an entire chair or sofa!

– DON’T assume that all of your wicker has to come in “boring” colors

Some people shy away from wicker furniture because they think it’s only available in “boring” earth tones.

Luckily, though, wicker can come in all sorts of colors!
In fact, white wicker furniture is incredibly popular. And it’s easy to see why! After all, what’s more light and airy than white? It’s the perfect way to make any room look bigger and more open.

White wicker furniture also gives you a big benefit decorating-wise. Since white goes with everything, you can use it anywhere — from out on the patio next to your sparkling blue pool, to in your daughter’s room next to all of her pink accessories. Plus, using white wicker furniture gives you an opportunity to splurge with bolder colors on your cushions.

– DON’T limit yourself just to wicker

The great thing about wicker furniture is that it has a couple of “cousins”.

For starters, rattan and wicker are made from the same rainforest vines. The slight difference in their appearance comes from the way that they’re manufactured — wicker is cut into thinner strands and woven together, while rattan is left in thicker strips. That small difference aside, they’ll still look great together.

Although it’s more of a “distant cousin”, seagrass furniture also looks great next to wicker. Instead of coming from the rainforest, seagrass furniture is made out of just that — seagrass. Since it’s woven together, it looks similar to wicker.

By using all 3 types of furniture in your home, you can wind up with a totally tropical vibe — that’s also completely creative!

Wicker Paradise has all of the furniture you need to make your home feel like paradise!

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