3 Ways to Make Your Home More Tropical

Take a look at some pictures of the Caribbean. Sandy white beaches aside, you can’t help but notice that everything looks so relaxed and mellow — even on the inside! So, how can you bring some of that tropical vibe into your own home?

Simple — just take advantage of these 3 tips!

1. Put rattan furniture in your living room

Rattan comes from vines that grow on the bottom of the rainforest, so it’s definitely sturdy enough to be sat on day-in and day-out in your living room!

Imagine how much better you would feel after a long day at work if you could curl up and watch your favorite TV shows on something as light and airy-looking as a rattan sofa or recliner. For a few hours, you might feel like you’re on vacation — even if it’s just Wednesday!

As an added benefit, rattan furniture is a whole lot easier to upgrade than other stuff. Since it’s made with cushions — instead of completely upholstered — all you have to do to give it a fresh look is get some replacement cushions.

2. Get a wicker dining set

Wicker instantly makes any room feel more tropical, so by getting a wicker dining set, you can make Spaghetti Sunday or Taco Tuesday feel like you’re on vacation! And, once you’ve got that relaxed vibe going, just think about how it will impact your entire family.

If you, the wife, and the kids all feel more mellow, you might actually take the time to sit down, enjoy your meals, and have an interesting conversation… Imagine that!

3. Invest in wicker patio furniture

Chances are you’re not making the most out of your outdoor space. Luckily, whether it’s huge or teeny-tiny, you can make every inch of it feel like an island oasis with wicker patio furniture!

But isn’t wicker too fragile to sit outside 365 days a year?

The traditional stuff is; that’s why you need wicker resin furniture. By mixing in a little bit of resin during the manufacturing process, your wicker gets a protective shield that can keep it safe from the sun, rain, and snow.

Because it’s so durable, you can use wicker patio furniture in any climate. No matter where you live, you can instantly make your outdoor space feel tropical. Can you imagine a better place to entertain friends or unwind after a long day?!

As an added benefit, wicker resin furniture can come in practically any color you can imagine. That way, it’s easy to give your patio a bright look — no matter what color scheme you like!

No matter where you live, the team at Wicker Paradise can make your home feel like the Tropics!

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